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All pictures shown below are Copyright 1999 by Hernán Cortés (Hernan@Cortes.com) and no consent of use is implied. All requests for licensed use must be requested via e-mail and subsequently via U.S. mail.The following pics are MY FIRST ever after THE STRIKE.

They were taken on 6/6/99 from 7 to 9 p.m.  On that day severe wind gusts and lightning were prominent, yet they yielded no rain at all.  After seeing a few incredible strikes, I decided to take out my video recorder and this is what I captured.

I know it looks like I’m too close to the action, but I’m actually tucked away on our front porch.  I don’t currently use the rule of thirds, although a good photographer does, but I just wanted to get my hands wet and feel the adrenaline rush before I began to do it right.

It’s been awhile since The Strike and, well, it just takes time to get out of that first really big scare.  It still remains imprinted into my mind to this very day and the severity of it still makes me wary when there is lightning around.



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The Closest 12 Stroke Lightning Strike Ever Caught on Video